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Now and then we get some nice comments and letters from fans who have attended shows or seen us in various competitions. A few of them have allowed us to share their comments with you here. Enjoy!

December 3, 2022 - Christmas Show, Bonita Center for the Performing Arts, San Dimas, CA

Rick Cohrs WOW!! Your show just blew us away. What a terrific chorus. Pitch, blend, dynamics, choice of music were all superior. I was particularly happy and impressed to hear the Christianity you had the guts to put into the performance, topped off by the Hallelujah Chorus which choked me up preventing me from singing along. I was truly moved as we left the venue after hearing you.

December 5, 2020 - Virtual Christmas Show (streaming video)

Alice Smith WOW! What an awesome hour! In the final Hallelujah Chorus, either a number of your male members had a quick gender change or Marcia's chorus joined you! Joe, your last message was wonderful! You look so good! So healthy! So happy! Thank you so very much for inviting us to share your passion and your closest buddies! What a great St Nicholas Eve!
Linda Gregory OMG, I was watching the concert intros and I saw Joe and I said oh isn't that cute there is Joe. A few seconds later I say Oh $&@? Joe is in charge of this whole thing. I am so proud of you both I absolutely loved it I had tears in my eyes more times than I can count. What a wonderful choice you have made in life. The one that really got to me was "Mary did you know." When I sang with my little group that was my favorite and I think I cried every time I sang it. I wish I had a neat little group around here but frankly I have to be honest I'm not sure I'm willing to devote the time and energy that you two have. Thank you so much for sending me the information on the concert. I really, really enjoyed it. And I will be making a donation to this wonderfully fantastic, outstanding group. I hate to say it but I'm a little jealous.
Heidi Guthrie Amazing performance! You looked and sounded great. The boys loved it. Mary Did You Know brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents. You are amazing!
Carl Bergquist-DeVoe Wow! How wonderful! Thank you for letting us know about this. Hope you are are doing well as we are, hunkering down.
Tiare Tamehau I absolutely loved the show Joe! It's so positively uplifting. I tried to donate but it didn't work. It did say there were technical issues. May I just send an old fashioned check? 2020 has been so challenging. Your show proves how you all prevailed. Very cool. My favs were the bluesy number with the sax and silent night.
Ken & Margaret Blair Thank you for the wonderful show! We loved every minute!
Brent Anderson What a treat! Congrats to your whole organization for the Herculean effort and outstanding result. So great to see Greg Lyne. You make me very proud to be a barbershopper. Stay safe and healthy.
Dr. Rob Campbell Congratulations to all on a wonderful holiday show, Trudy and I enjoyed every minute from here in the Netherlands. MOH has so much talent on the risers, so many good charts in the repertoire, so many fine soloists and speakers. It was a Gold Medal tour de force all the way.
Avona Preston Thank you, thank you! I truly enjoyed your show last night. My husband sings with the Silver Statesmen here in Las Vegas. It would be fantastic to have him in a group that sounds as great as yours does.
Pastor Paige Eaves I fully enjoyed the Christmas concert - thanks for linking me in! The Masters of Harmony is such a large group! I hope that you all will fit in our Fellowship Hall. I so look forward to having y'all around campus someday.

December 14, 2019 - Christmas Show, Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Cardiff

It was OVER THE TOP. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it. We were carried away with the sounds. I've been trying to get to your shows for years and now you brought your chorus to us. Thank you, THANK YOU!!!”
We hope you'll be back next year.
I can't tell you how much it meant to me personally, seeing Mother Mary with the baby Jesus in the background... and when you sang Mary, Did You Know, it brought tears to my eyes. It was more than I ever expected
The sound in this church was so powerful, I've never heard anything so beautiful.
I never expected what I saw and heard from the Masters and Pacific Coast Harmony choruses. Even the small group, Holiday Blend, was fantastic.
That Nigerian song blew me away... with the percussion so precise, I went away feeling as if the Lord had touched me.
What a wonderful variety. The guy (Les Weiser) with the harmonica was FANTASTIC. There is so much talent the both groups.

November 30, 2019 - Christmas Show, La Mirada La Mirada Performing Arts Center, La Mirada

Bonnie W., Whittier Just a quick note to thank you for thinking of us for your concert Saturday. We took five of our ten grandchildren, ages 3-15 (and their parents) and all really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

July 7, 2017 - International Convention and Chorus Competition, Las Vegas

Peter C Wilson
Justin Miller and The Masters of Harmony just raised the bar at #BHSVEGAS #toodarnhot

May 22, 2016 - Annual Spring Show, Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Long Beach

Cecil Gatch I attended the MOH show Sunday afternoon at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. I have attended several MOH shows and even a few of the rehearsals. This is the first time I was able to bring nine guests with me that had never been to a MOH concert before. I invited them specifically because I know they love quality music no matter what the style happens to be, and they are very good musicians and very discerning in their musical taste. They all loved the show very, very much. Among my guests was the widow of Leo Fender, Phyllis Fender. She loves to hear men sing and she felt this is one of the best concerts she has ever attended. Alan Greenberg is the one that introduced me to MOH and I am very glad he did. I will continue to introduce as many people as I can to MOH. Thank you for a great performance and good luck in Nashville.

Nov 29, 2014 - Annual Christmas Show, Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Long Beach

Juli Gilbert, Whittier Thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas.
Sally Krawczyk, Long Beach Fabulous! Refreshing! Can't wait for more.
Fred Springer, Long Beach Very professional and entertaining.

Dec 8, 2013 - Annual Spring Show, Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside

OldHighlandGuy Excellent, will do it again. The big highlight of the night was the guy near the end, singing, playing the harmonica and playing the saxaphone, he stole the show. He could do a one man show and draw a crowd.

April 20, 2013 - Annual Spring Show, Downey Civic Theater, Downey

Bill Niemand, Downey Best selection of music ever!
L.S. Wozniak, Peoria, Arizona Great show! We look forward to seeing you every time we're in Southern California.
Denise Correll, Riverside Great harmony! Excellent choreography!