• Masters of Harmony

Member Expectations

All members of the Masters of Harmony must also be active members of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter. This means that, besides singing well and being proficient at choreographed moves, each member will be required to devote a great deal of time, effort and commitment to the chapter.

What We Expect of You

Attendance and Involvement

As indicated above, the Masters of Harmony have an "Active Members Only" policy. In addition to singing well and executing choreographed moves correctly, each man is also expected to serve on, or act as the chairman of, no less than one committee, or be accountable for no less than one position of major responsibility within the chorus. Regardless of how large the chapter becomes, there are more than enough jobs to go around.

In keeping with the chapter's "Active Members Only" policy, members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances of the Masters of Harmony. While it is recognized that 100% attendance is not possible for everyone, a member whose attendance falls substantially below the chorus average during any 3-month period is subject to review of the reasons by the music committee.

Each member is expected to be active in the recruitment of quality new members, as membership is everyone's responsibility.

The Masters of Harmony produce two annual shows: Spring and Christmas. During these seasons, each member is expected to be actively involved in selling show tickets. Occasionally, the Masters of Harmony perform on benefit shows where members are encouraged to participate in show promotion and ticket sales activity.

Music and Performance

The Masters of Harmony chorus is "dedicated to musical excellence," which means striving to become the very best men's singing organization in the world. Every member must be dedicated to achieving absolute excellence in choral sound, production and showmanship.

The Masters of Harmony require each member to be able to follow the music director, his assistants and/or coaches; memorize the chorus music; memorize and accomplish the stage presence motions; attend rehearsals on time; and accept the responsibility of singing with the chorus at its public appearances.

Participation as a chorus member, with the privilege of singing in public appearances and in Society competitions, will not be allowed if a member's attendance at chapter rehearsals prior to these events does not meet the expectations established and made public by the music director, music committee, or the board of directors. Exceptions can be made, on an individual basis and for good cause shown, only by the music committee.

Prior to any performance, and at the discretion of the music director or music committee, a proficiency in notes and lyrics may be required through the use of a tape recorder, participation in a quartet or any other method deemed appropriate by the music director or music committee. It will not be unusual if some members are asked to demonstrate vocal proficiency by singing into a tape recorder while others are asked to demonstrate proficiency in some other manner. In addition, special demonstrations of stage presence may be required. It must also be understood that all members appearing on stage for any performance by the chapter do so at the discretion of the music committee and/or music director.

Conduct and Public Behavior

The Masters of Harmony will always be first class in everything they do. Being a first-class organization means never accepting anything less than the highest quality in how we perform, how we look, where we meet, how we administer our chapter and, most importantly, how we conduct ourselves in public when representing our chorus. Our musical and administrative standards are high and they will be enforced.

The Masters of Harmony expect each member to maintain a positive attitude while at rehearsals and at other functions where other chorus members and/or non-members are in attendance. This is not to say that you cannot have an opinion or make a suggestion. This does mean, however, that the chapter will not permit any form of public negativity. If you feel there is a problem that needs to be addressed or if you have a complaint, you will be required to bring it to the attention of a board member-at-large — in private, and preferably in writing — for purposes of discussion and resolution by the board of directors.

The Masters of Harmony expect each member to read and abide by the chapter's Codes of Standards and Dress, the Society's Code of Ethics, as well as other chapter policies and procedures that may be promulgated from time to time by the board of directors.

Financial Responsibilities

The Masters of Harmony expect members to be financially responsible to the chapter in the payment of dues and all other monetary obligations. Annual dues include Society dues, District Dues, and Chapter/Chorus dues. In addition to Annual Dues, members may also be asked to pay a Participation Fee for each Season they commit to. Youth members under 26 years of age are entitled to a discount.

Total first-year dues for new members (not transfers or dual memberships) are $205, of which $10 is a one-time administrative charge to enroll you at the Society Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Subsequent renewals will be in the amount of $50 per year chapter dues plus applicable district and Society dues. These amounts may be changed from time to time by formal action of the chapter/chorus, district, or Society Office. The chapter secretary and/or treasurer can assist you with information regarding transfers, dual memberships, student and senior discounts.

Annual dues include Society dues, District dues, Chapter dues, Seasonal Participation Fees, and a One-Time Enrollment Fee (check with the Chapter Secretary for the current amounts). Full-time students are entitled to a discount.

The Masters of Harmony also require new members to pay a one-time non refundable $75 uniform maintenance fee. The chapter shall retain custody (storage and maintenance) of the uniform.

Members are also expected to purchase casual chorus attire. The cost of these items may vary. It is the member's responsibility to keep his casual attire clean, pressed and in good condition.

The Masters of Harmony compete periodically at divisional, district and international chorus contests. As both competitors and conventioneers, members are expected to pay for their convention registrations. Typically, individual registration fees are $20-$25 for divisional and district conventions; $75-$100 for international conventions. Other out-of-pocket expenses for attendance and participation at these conventions (competitions) include airfare and hotel accommodations (if applicable), shuttle service (if necessary), meals, etc. The cost of travel and meals for local shows and performances is the member's responsibility. The chapter attempts to partially subsidize members when the chorus competes or is required to perform at out-of-state conventions to help defray travel costs; however, this compensation is not guaranteed.