Now and then we get some nice letters from fans who have attended shows or seen us in various competitions. A few of them have allowed us to share their comments with you here. Enjoy!

May 22, 2016
Annual Spring Show,
Carpenter Performing Arts Center – Long Beach

Posted by Cecil Gatch

I attended the MOH show Sunday afternoon at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. I have attended several MOH shows and even a few of the rehearsals. This is the first time I was able to bring 9 guests with me that had never been to a MOH concert before. I invited them specifically because I know they love quality music no matter what the style happens to be, and they are very good musicians and very discerning in their musical taste. They all loved the show very, very much. Among my guest was the widow of Leo Fender, Phyllis Fender. She loves to hear men sing and she felt this is one of the best concerts she has ever attended. Alan Greenberg is the one that introduced me to MOH and I am very glad he did. I will continue to introduce as many people as I can to MOH. Thank you for a great performance and good luck in Nashville.

Nov 29, 2014
Annual Christmas Show,
Carpenter Performing Arts Center – Long Beach

Posted by Juli Gilbert, Whittier

Thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas.

Posted by Sally Krawczyk, Long Beach

Fabulous! Refreshing! Can�t wait for more.

Posted by Fred Springer, Long Beach

Very professional and entertaining.

Dec 8, 2013
Annual Spring Show,
Fox Performing Arts Center – Riverside

Posted by OldHighlandGuy

Excellent, will do it again. The big highlight of the night was the guy near the end, singing, playing the harmonica and playing the saxaphone, he stole the show. He could do a one man show and draw a crowd.

April 20, 2013
Annual Spring Show,
Downey Civic Theater, Downey

Posted by Bill Niemand, Downey

Best selection of music ever!

Posted by L.S. Wozniak, Peoria, Arizona

Great show! We look forward to seeing you every time we’re in Southern California.

Posted by Denise Correll, Riverside

Great harmony! Excellent choreography!

December 2, 2012
Annual Christmas Show,
Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside

Posted by partsisparts

A few weeks ago, I received an ad in my Inbox… Masters of Harmony at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside. I had never heard of the group, so I visited their web site for more info, and learned that they are a men’s chorus of about 75 members, rooted in barbershop quartet singing. I figured that their holiday show would either be really good or really bad; I was willing to take my chances. I invited some friends and bought the tickets.

To our collective delight, the show was marvelous! The Masters of Harmony performed three sets of choral works that ranged in style from calypso to country, from sacred to secular, and everything in between! A guest soloist was featured in the first and third sets, and a vocal jazz quartet performed following intermission. Soloists and a vocal septet of Masters members were featured throughout the show, as was Masterpiece, an internationally renowned barbershop quartet. The show closed with a joyous “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” as Masters members played drums, piano & sax.

The Masters of Harmony could have gone on singing for hours, with no complaint from this audience. Well done guys! See you next year!!

Favorite moment: The final note of “Mary, Did You Know?” resonated richly and faded wondrously into silence, as we held our breath and wiped tears from our cheeks.

Posted by Jophes

Excellent show! Enjoyed the beautiful venue and wonderful music. It was nice to be able to walk to the Mission Inn afterward to view the lights and have dinner. Certainly put me in the Christmas spirit. Would highly recommend.

Favorite moment: Les on the sax!

Posted by Hapichk

The venue is beautiful as well as the music. Had a great time.

November 24, 2012
Annual Christmas Show,
Carpenter Center, Long Beach

Posted by Ren�e Hays, West Covina

Amazing! First time seeing the Masters of Harmony. I loved it!

Posted by Chet & Carol Mueller, Irvine

Such a joy to hear this group and enjoy their marvelous harmony!

Posted by Ron Soderwall, Irvine

What an enjoyable concert you hosted at the Carpenter Center. I am a life-long fan of yours and I always enjoy the excellent production vocally and staging at each event. Keep up the great work and I will enjoy future concerts!

April 14, 2012
Annual Spring Show,
Downey Civic Theater, Downey

Posted by Justine Frankel, Redondo Beach

Wow! Wonderful as always!

Posted by Margaret Richardson, San Diego

You always aim to impress! You are awesome!

December 10, 2011
Annual Christmas Show,
Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena

Posted by Laura Innerbichler, Placentia

I attended the Christmas show on Saturday afternoon in Pasadena. Wow…what a show! Thank you for making my Christmas season special. Can’t wait until next year… I am bringing the entire family.

Posted by Beverly Bodkin, Lomita

The singing was absolutely splendid. The only problem was that it came to an end before we had our fill, which may be never. And it was nice so hear all Christmas music at a Christmas show. Plus all the old familiar pieces. Ah, such a treat!

Posted by Charlotte Guyaux, Riverside

What a wonderful evening! What a treat to hear your voices and personalities too! I was so happy to be in the audience. You truly represent some of the music that has made our country GREAT! You are a handsome, clean cut group of men. Thank you for being in the foyer following the program as it was nice to shake hands of some of the “Masters”. May you continue to reflect some of the tradition that has made The United States a great nation and an example to the world. Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless YOU ALL!

December 4, 2011
Annual Christmas Show,
Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside

Posted by Anonymous

I had no idea what I was getting into. I just figured it would be a nice Christmas choir to take my mother to, to get us into the Christmas spirit. These men are so full of energy. There are costume and scene changes. They break into smaller groups for some numbers. They truly look like they are enjoying themselves, which made it fun for us. Oh, and they can sing!!! I will definitely see them again.

Favorite moment: I liked the barber shop quartet with the added human beat box.

Posted by Snuzw

Great group. They included the audience in some numbers, and the harmony, singing and overall talent was very good. They put on a very entertaining show. Also, the venue, the old Fox theater was beautiful.

May 21, 2011
Annual Spring Show,
San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, San Gabriel

Posted by Bill Niemand, Downey

Best show yet!

Posted by Cindy & Paul Feinzimer, La Mirada

Superb choral and excellent quartet performances!

Posted by Jim Kincaid, Sierra Madre

You are the finest!

Posted by Margaret Jamison, Orange

Our 4th year – Love these guys!

Posted by Marilyn Moore, La Canada

Just don�t want to miss a note!

December 12, 2010
Annual Christmas Show,
Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton

Posted by Ronda Teel, Brea

We try to follow you wherever you go. We love you guys!

Posted by Penny & Mike Hoover, Arcadia

This is our start of Christmas!

Posted by Barbara Bodkin, Lomita

Wouldn�t miss your shows for anything!

Posted by Giovanna Tirado, Los Angeles

First time for me. Wonderful program, excellent singing.

Posted by Belia Smith, Palos Verdes

Excellent! I loved the show. Very exciting. Thank you!

Posted by Susan Baird, Claremont

Great show! Everyone is having so much fun!

Posted by Paul Sandorff, Seal Beach

All-around super entertaining!

Posted by Elise Olson

WOW!!! I wish there were words to describe the emotions I felt as I sat in the audiance watching and listening to the performance in front of me. When the chorus began to sing it blew me away as I could feel the vibration as it touched my soul. My experience the first time will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. I hope to attend more performances in the future and now I can say I am a huge fan of your chorus. Thanks for the amazing entertainment!

December 4, 2010
Riverside Community Concert Series,
Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside

Posted by Susan McNeal, Fallbrook

Please come back next year!

Posted by Geneva Barton, Riverside

Wonderful concert, beautiful harmony!

Posted by L. Biermacher, Riverside

Unexpectedly dynamic performances with great harmony and staging. Great balance of secular and religious (the reason for the singing!), comedy and humor. Love it!

Posted by Tina Naif, Riverside

Superb! Enjoyed the humor.

Posted by Julie Chapman, Riverside

Just a delightful musical experience!

Posted by Anonymous

Highly enjoyable show; loved their new direction (less barbershop – more choral). Good mix of both small and large ensembles.

Posted by Anonymous

This was a great event and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves music.

Posted by Anonymous

We have never heard the Masters of Harmony live and were truly amazed at their complex harmony, flawless blending and precision singling. Even more amazing was the way the singers were positioned with singers mixed rather than in single part sections. Would love to hear them again.

May 1, 2010
Annual Spring Show,
Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena

Posted by Tank Waldrum

My family and friends and I (14 total) attended your matinee show at the Ambassador Auditorium last Saturday and we were all thrilled with your chorus’s performance. The quartets, especially Crossroads, were beyond exciting. My guests, unaquainted with barbershop singing, couldn’t believe the quality of the program, one friend telling me that your show was the finest concert he’d ever attended. We were in awe… I still am, and I have been a barbershopper for forty years. On behalf of my guests and myself, thanks for a great show.

Posted by A. Phelan, Ventura

Wonderful show!

Posted by R. Rhea, La Quinta

Wow! What a show! You never let us down. The trip from the desert was worth it!

Posted by J. Gilbert, Whittier

The music made me feel like I had gone to heaven!

Posted by H. Moran, Rancho Cucamonga

Fantastic concert!

Posted by K. Brown, Lake Balboa

Fantastic show! What a special treat! Have never heard such beautiful awe-inspiring sounds or arrangements.
Excellent, and Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you ALL.

Posted by J. Spurgeon, Palos Verdes Estates

Outstanding in Long Beach and Pasadena. I hope to hear about your next performances.

Posted by J. Holder, Covina

FANTASTIC! I enjoyed every second. I give you ALL a 98.8 score! Thank you.

Posted by B. Mayer, Culver City

You guys are terrific!

Posted by R. Sikora, Los Angeles

Each concert is better than the last!

November 28, 2009
Annual Christmas Show,
Carpenter Center, Long Beach

Posted by Arielle Maccio, Indio

Great music selection!

Posted by Carol & Dottie Hawk, San Dimas

Got us in the mood for Christmas!

Posted by Lois Crow, San Clemente

You guys are the BEST entertainment under the sun — bar none!

Posted by Marty Clark, Newport Beach

We try to attend every year. What a treat!

Posted by Sharon Speck, Yorba Linda

This is the best way to start the holiday season!

Posted by Ken and Bev Mueller, Cerritos

Mark is a master and the group is outstanding!

Posted by Jim & Marian Holder, Covina

THANK YOU for an outstanding show by both choruses!

Posted by Mary Lou Busby, Mission Viejo

You improve with every performance. I know as I�ve been attending since before Mark became director.

Posted by Peggy Hall, Aliso Viejo

My dad (who passed away) was a lifelong barbershopper in Orange County. We came to this performance in his honor and will now come every year!

December 13, 2008
Annual Christmas Show,
Carpenter Center, Long Beach

Posted by Ginger Carlson

I have always loved your shows but last night your Christmas show was one of the best!! Your song selection was great and the Masters’ incredible, enduring positive spirit and heart touched the hearts of the audience. Every song had a full sound and was very dynamic!! Our friends enjoyed the show so much they already want to come back next year! It was truly the highlight of my day and loved every minute of it. You’re the best!!!!

Posted by Rod Lewis, Los Angeles

The best men’s choir I ever heard.

Posted by Vicki Ibarra, Cerritos

I’ve been a fan for years. I always enjoy the concerts and have been bringing friends and family.

Posted by Lorie Woods, Torrance

Thank you ever so much for your beautiful music. It brought joy to my heart.

Posted by Norma Cecil, Bloomington

Really enjoyed the show. Now it will seem like the holidays. I really liked the opening act with the sweaters and scarves. It gave it a very warm feeling.

Posted by Robert Schilling, Laguna Beach

Best entertainment for the dollar!

Posted by Leona Golliher, Temple City

This was my first time. A wonderful show.

Posted by Robert Kuehn, Anaheim

The quality of the music, vocal blend, variety of selections, and sincere delivery were all excellent!

Posted by Maydene Alporque, Lakewood

The melodious sounds of those men was so awesome. The excitement of their voices, especially the basses, made me tremble. Terrific!

Posted by Chuck Fischer

My wife and I attended your matinee show at The Carpenter today. It was excellent – and – you deserve great praise for the Christmas Program which wasn’t afraid to honor the reason for Christmas – Christ. The presentation of “Mary, Did You Know” was breathtaking. The Masters are an outstanding group and we are both delighted that we were able to attend the performance. Keep up the good work!!!

July 4, 2008
Barbershop Harmony Society International Championship,
Sommet Center, Nashville

Posted by Steve Goebel

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the most honorable house of winners ever assembled – 7 Gold!! Double Congrats to OC Times! WOW! Words fail. God Bless!

Posted by Alan Graydon

WOW! WOW! WOW! I come from Bristol in England. We have the Great Western Chorus. They are good, but I have to say you are in a different class. I’ve enjoyed all music throughout my life. I’ve even seen Pavorotti live before he passed away. However, I have never been so excited by such a performance as you gave in the internatinal competition. It made me cry, I was so moved. The perfect pitch/harmony, choreography, presentation/dress, projection, personality and professionalism are unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen before! When are you guys coming to England? Simply unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen before. Good luck and God bless you all for providing sensational entertainment!

Posted by Jack Lee

Rosalie and I would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to the Masters for their win in Nashville! Sure wish we were closer, so we could see you more often. Keep up the excellent work and we’ll see you when you come to California!

Posted by Dr. Carol Sawyer

The competition in Nashville was thrilling. I really liked the opportunity to visit a rehearsal and experience the intensity, detail, commitment and professionalism that result in such powerful performances. I find myself singing “Yona” every day. 🙂 I’m proud to be a supporter of Masters of Harmony, and excited to see your next show!

Posted by Norma Leggett

Congratuations on your win! WOW!!!!! I just saw your recent show and it’s no surprise to me. Can’t wait to see you perform again!

Posted by Bruce Guthrie

Kudos to MOH, International Barbershop Chorus Champions 2008 (for the seventh time.) “Failure is the path of least persistence!”

Posted by Douglas MacArthur

I sing with the Edinburgh Chorus in Scotland. We are very close observers of your BRILLANT chorus. You are inspirational!

June 12, 2008
“One Voice” Show (with the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club),
Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Posted by Connie Jant

My roommate and I have attended several of your concerts in the last 8 years, and walk away every time in amazement. Thank you again for the most pleasurable sounds to our ears! You guys are the best, can’t wait to hear you again. Have a blessed day!

Posted by Bill Boeck, Los Angeles, CA

The concert at Disney Hall was absolutely positively without any doubt the very best I’ve heard the chorus sing. Kudos to everyone. You were all on! really on! I enjoyed every minute of what to me was a real happening. Keep up the fantastic work and get that gold in Nashville! Wow!!

Posted by Peggy

I became deaf at the age of 29 after having heard perfectly until then. I attended the University of Michigan and so I got tickets for my husband (who is not deaf) and myself for the U. of M. Glee club concert at the Disney Hall last Saturday. We did not know that any other group was joining them. I just want to say.. even for a deaf lady…your show was fantastic! My husband, of course, loved the beautiful harmony of your group and I, actually, loved the movements and way that you expressed the meaning of the songs..most of which I had heard in the past. Thank you for a very memorable afternoon. I think I even “felt” the vibes many times from your fantastic harmony in that beautiful concert hall.

May 17, 2008
“Portrait” Spring Show, Carpenter Center, California State University, Long Beach

Posted by Anita Dinicola, Torrance, CA

Exceptional as usual! Love you guys!

Posted by Lisa Boon, Seattle, WA

Came from Washington to see you! Best of luck in Nashville!

Posted by Pat Rivas, Anaheim, CA

This is my first visit. I loved it and plan on attending more shows.

Posted by George Kair, Lakewood, CA

What a SHOW! You ARE the Masters of Harmony!

Posted by Nonie Chapman, Manhattan Beach, CA

Perfection! Go Down Moses choreo and dynamics were unbelievable.

Posted by Norma Leggett

I just saw your annual show and it was absolutely FANTASTIC. I was so sorry when it was over. I can’t wait until next years show!

November 24, 2007
“Christmas Masterpiece” Show, Carpenter Center, California State University, Long Beach

Posted by Frank & Tove Hoch, Pacific Palisades, CA

You guys rock!

Posted by Bryttani Lane

I loved the Christmas show! It was my first show and it was awesome!

Posted by Virginia, Yorba Linda, CA

Excellent! Fabulous! Awesome! Just a few words to describe your show.

Posted by Sharon, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

We love you guys and never miss a show.

Posted by Lynell, Inglewood, CA

I love getting goose bumps when I hear you guys sing.

Posted by Jack, Newport Beach, CA

My wife and I have been coming for many years and are amazed as each show gets better and better.

Posted by Nina, La Habra, CA

Just to let you know, your Christmas show yesterday was the best ever! I could feel the spirit of Christmas and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. All of you did a terrific job!

Posted by Norma Jackson

I just saw you perform for the first time in Long Beach. PHENOMENAL! I’m a long-time Sweet Adeline that used to follow the Sidewinders quartet from Riverside all over the country, so I know good barbershop. Your chorus is wonderful – the best I’ve ever heard. I am looking forward to your May show. Thanks for a memorable, fantastic time.

Posted by Irv Levine, Westminster, CA

WOW! Just a note to congratulate you on a wonderful Christmas show. How it can get better each year is a mystery to me, but it does! We were delighted! We felt like giving you all the generous applause and recognition that you so well deserve, but the curtain came down too soon. You would have seen an enthusiastic standing “O”. Well done! Thank you, Champs!

June 24, 2007
First United Methodist Church Performance, San Diego

Posted by Irene

I didn’t get a chance to talk to you yesterday, but I thought it was wonderful. I never expected the choreography and movement, the great variety of songs and styles, and the true beauty of the music. I appreciated the humor that was present, marveled at the talent of the young quartets, was amazed at the age range of your group AND the obvious dedication and commitment all of you have made to be able to perform this way, and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. I forwarded your note to my sister and brother-in-law, as I know they would enjoy your performance as well.

Posted by John Hulbert, Poway, CA

It was magnificent as always. I have seen the MOH on numerous occasions since their inception and they are always wonderful. This one was particularly good because the stage was small and the singers were very confined. All things considered, it was one of their best. A large number of the Who’s Who of barbershopping in SD were there and gave the Masters several standing Os, a tribute to the quality of the performance!!

Posted by Argie and Ted

Just saw your show for the first time and both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your spectacular performance. We will try to see more if we possibly can. You received standing ovations and you really deserved it.

April 21, 2007
“Curtain Up!” Spring Show, Terrace Theater, Long Beach

Posted by Bill Tieberg, Oceanside, CA

The show was incredible as always. What a great evening. I had a non-barbershopper as a guest and he was enthralled. They just seem to get better and better.

Posted by Arthur Potter

I had the pleasure of hearing you sing here in Indy last year, and was really impressed with your arrangement of: “Go Down Moses”. If it is to appear in a future concert, I would willingly fly to California, just to hear that number, I was that impressed.

Posted by Margaret Gronfeldt

Your group is cool, outstanding, and downright easy to hear, appreciate, and enjoy! We look forward to hearing you in concert again!

February 25, 2007
“Living in Harmony” Radio Show, BBC, United Kingdom

Posted by Diane Harris, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I had the privilege of hearing you guys last week on one of our national radio stations, BBC2. What an amazing sound you have! I was very impressed with your work ethic and dedication to our ‘hobby’ – the mark of true champions!

July 8, 2006
Barberhsop Harmony Society International Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana

Posted by Ace Crawford

I have always appreciated great harmonizing, and I have to say that the Masters of Harmony are absolutely magnificent. Never have so many voices been so masterfully blended. Your precise phrasing and thrilling dynamics invoke an emotional response. It is, quite simply, masterful.

April 29, 2006
“Medal Madness” Spring Show, Terrace Theater, Long Beach

Posted by Genene Seymour Mulloy

My decision to make the trip to Southern California [from Southern Oregon] and watch Medal Madness changed my life. I knew it would be a worthwhile experience but it ended up being much more than that. One wants to shout to the world; “Do you have a clue what you’re missing!!”

September 25, 2005
Bakersfield Community Concert Series, Bakersfield

Posted by Caryl Curless, Bakersfield, CA

It was enthralling–entertaining, patriotic, GREAT sound, perfect selection of titles–all in all, an extremely enjoyable presentation. Such a variety!! Thank you for putting smiles on our faces today and songs in our hearts. It was a fantastic show!!

July 9, 2005
Barberhsop Harmony Society International Chorus Competition
Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted by Steve Bangham, East York Barbershoppers

I have been to many Internationals and witnessed many incredible chorus performances but I can’t recall seeing a better chorus performance in my life. Congratulations to the Masters of Harmony and thank you for making my week!!!

Posted by Irv Levine, Westminster, CA

It was truly incredible! You guys are really what the name states —MASTERS— OF HARMONY! Congratulations again!

Posted by Don Gooding, A-Cappella.com

Realtime and Masters of Harmony got their golds in part because they know how to make barbershop ballads compelling. They chose great songs, then used incredible nuance in dynamics to convey emotion. Their ballads kept me on the edge of my seat.

Posted by Mo Brock

You guys are the best!! Congrats on the big win in SLC!! We were rooting for you all the way!!

Posted by Mollie and Jamie Peterson, YMIH / YWIH Co-Coordinators, Evergreen District

Congratulations on a well deserved WIN !!!!! Was a pleasure to witness your performance Saturday evening !! Congratulations also to our dear friends of Metropolis–EVERGREEN LOVES and ADORES you !!!! Also to OC Times–loved, loved, loved everything about all three performances !!! Your entire chorus are wonderful role models :]:]:]

Posted by Mike McGee, Tallahassee, FL

Congratulations guys! You dominated the stage with your performance today. Your musical execution could not be equaled! On the webcast the guest commentators constantly used the word “theatrical” when describing your set.

Posted by Edwin P. Dierdorff, Jr., Bellevue, WA

Congratulations on your 6th International Chorus Championship! Thank you for your great singing, perfomances, albums. Keep the great singing, and inspiration!

Posted by Bill Roth, Bangkok, Thailand

I think I can speak for all of the emeritus members in saying how extremely proud we continue to be of the chorus and each of you. On Friday afternoon I asked Dr. Paul Laemmle (1990 & 1991 president) how he felt about the MOH, and he said it was like being a proud grandfather! It’s such a thrill to see one’s “progeny” grow and go on to achieve great success. As a charter member I had hopes of the chapter becoming really good one day, but it has, time and again, continued to far exceed the founders’ most wildest dreams!

Some non-barbershop friends (who had seen the MOH win their first three golds) said they had listened to the audio portion of the webcast and commented that when the MOH sang it was “a thousand percent better” then any of the preceding choruses. I specifically asked about their ability to understand the words to the uptune, particularly during the fast portions. They said that every word was completely understandable–crystal clear!

April 30, 2005
“Time After Time” Show, Terrace Theater, Long Beach

Posted by Lorraine Cook, Irvine, CA

This was magnificent! My first time but not the last.

Posted by William Cromey, Rialto, CA

My wife and I come to your annual shows and leave better than when we came.

Posted by Debra Guerra, Rosamond, CA

I love the Masters of Harmony. You have inspired me to become a Sweet Adeline.

Posted by Al Lobarbio, Cerritos, CA

The show was great! Fantastic! Job well done! It was really one of a kind! Keep it up!

Posted by Audrey Phelan, Malibu, CA

Your shows get better every year!

Posted by Jan Slocum

Oh my! Another evening to remember with your group in Long Beach last night. Last year was my first concert and I couldn’t wait to hear you again this year. This year’s concert exceeded all my fondest memories.

February 14, 2005
Singing Valentines, Greater Los Angeles Area

Posted by Shuree, Los Angeles, CA

You brought tears to the eyes of the man I love on Valentines day (today). He was so moved by your services that he called me up and told me how much he loved me. Thank you so much. You all were worth the money and then some!

December 5, 2004
“Harmony Holiday” Show, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

Posted by Mark Clement, San Diego, CA

Thank you for today! It was a masterful performance in an amazing, historic venue. There aren’t many reasons I would drive 200+ miles in a downpour, but you’re one of them.

Posted by Kelly Shepard, North Hills, CA

Great show at the Shrine! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the chorus and am impressed with the quality and musicality of your performance. Excellent stuff!

Posted by Irv Levine, Westminster, CA

The Masters of Harmony, with the usual excellence expected of them, performed beautifully and showed why they are truly a world-class chorus.

November 27, 2004
Annual Christmas Show, Carpenter Center, California State University, Long Beach

Posted by Tina Buell, Rohnert Park, CA

I came to see the Harborlites and fell in love with the Masters of Harmony. Thank you for the Christmas spirit!

Posted by Mary Ann Hodges, Long Beach, CA

The performance at Carpenter Center was the best! We love the Masters of Harmony and have attended for years. What a delight it was to start the Christmas season with real Christmas music. This year’s performance was so uplifting and true, as well as entertaining — it was over the top with Harborlites and VoCA. Thank you so very much.

Posted by Nancy Higginson, Long Beach, CA

Great program on Saturday. Thank you for keeping Christ in Christmas. God bless all of you for sharing your talents with others.

Posted by Paul Baiotto, Glendora, CA

commeGreat performance; director’s solo and Pam Pieson were just sensational!t

Posted by Nancy A. Shultz, Orange, CA

Love your music! You keep getting better and better!

Posted by Dan Bent, Los Alamitos, CA

Wonderful as always! The combined show with Harborlites is a great gift!

May 1, 2004
Annual Spring Show, Long Beach Terrace Theatre

Posted by Joanne Newman, Redondo Beach, CA

Your show last evening was SUPER!!!! The show was exceptionally well done. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing you in the WHITE uniforms again….Energy comes across the footlights before you even sing a chord!

Posted by Ginger Carlson

I attended your May 1st show and it was just Fabulous!!!!

Everyone was focused and you sent a real message to the audience.

The Masters of Harmony has always been my favorite chorus and you get better every year. I love your selection of songs and especially your finale. It touched my heart! I think you’re the best!

I am a former Harborlite and loved every minute of it while I was in it. Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment this day.

December 13, 2003
Annual Christmas Show, Harriet & Charles Luckman Theater
California State University, Los Angeles

Posted by Jean Gwynne, Montclair, CA

Your concert at Cal State LA was WONDERFUL. The best yet!!!!!!! This has been about my 12th concert and it was the very best ever… I could have stayed and listened all night. Thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas gift of sharing your talents with us.

November, 2003
Rehearsal at Town Center Hall, Santa Fe Springs

Posted by Ken McCormack

My wife and I recently attended one of your rehearsals. Thank you for allowing me to participate. It was one of the highlights of our trip. We on the east coast rarely have the opportunity to listen first hand to such a fine example of what can be achieved by true dedication. We surely could use more of that in our chapter.

October 1, 2003
“First Wednesdays” Series, California State University, San Bernardino

Posted by Kevin Enright, San Bernardino, CA

I just caught your show tonight at Cal State San Bernardino, It was the best live performance I have ever seen. I was amazed by the sight and sounds of your show. I look forward to seeing your upcoming Christmas show. Best of luck to all of you.

July 3-5, 2003
Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention
Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted by “Tellkey” Yamamoto, Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for allowing us to visit your rehearsal at the Hilton Bonaventure. We were surprised and deeply moved by your perfect sounds and choreography. Especially, it was miraculous that you had mastered new choreography within about 30 minutes after first direction by music director (female choreographer and her mother). [Editor’s note: Erin Howden and June Dale, of course.] After our singing on the World Harmony Jamboree show, we learned how to sing a song for the audience by your performance. Anyway we are very happy so that we could spend that time with you. Thank you very much indeed. If you or anyone of your chorus have a chance to travel to Tokyo, please make contact with us.

Posted by Fred Stevens, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

I sing for the Megacity chorus, Greater Toronto Chapter. I would like to thank you for giving our chorus the time to present our songs in front of your chorus. It was my first time I have ever appeared at an international convention. I was so thrilled to sing for you in Montreal. It was so kind of you to also send a representative to our practice with words of encouragement. Tell that British guy to keep up the good work, and to keep on promoting the British Empire, which we now call the commonweath.

Posted by Heather Lewis

I just want to say how proud I am of all of you. You worked so hard at the Internationals this year, and it shows. Keep it up!

February 15, 2003
Annual Young Men’s Harmony Festival
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa

Posted by John Koren, Irvine, CA

Thank you for a wonderful evening at Orange Coast College on Feb 15. My son, Max Rockwell, participated from Woodbridge High School in Irvine, CA. He’s a baritone and is excited about singing. Impressive performance by all… Thanks again.
[Editor’s note: Just over a year later, Max became a member of the Masters of Harmony.]