Vocal Education Series

About the Author:

Dr. René Torres is a frequent contributor to The Masters Voice and other Masters of Harmony publications with articles on vocal techniques and craft. He is a vocal coach with a Masters degree in Music and all but the dissertation for the Ph. D. in Music Education for Performers from New York University. He also holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration, a soloist member of the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), and holds three gold medals earned while with the Masters of Harmony. If you have any questions for the author, he can be reached at rtorresphd@hotmail.com

The Articles (PDF will open in a new window):

Part 1: Warm-ups Are Not For Sissies!
Warm up the voice and get your heart, mind and body ready to sing

Part 2 : Breath Control and Better Singing
The objectives of breathing exercises and getting through the three stages of singing

Part 3 : Vocal Technic: Fact or Fiction?
Vocal efficiency and learning the language of a song

Part 4 : Vocal Technic: Fine Tuning
Developing confidence in your ability to "sell" the song

Part 5 : Twist and Shout
How to cope with choreography while maintaining sound quality

Part 6 : Words to Sing By
How words in music help to get the message across

Part 7 : Health and the Voice
The importance of physical, mental and emotional preparation for singing

Part 8 : The Aging Voice
The aging process and how it affects the singing voice

Part 9 : The Smart Singer
Understanding the singing voice and developing aesthetic judgment

Part 10 : Attitude + Power = Performance
A simple formula for a successful performance

Part 11 : Throw Old Habits Out the Window
The limitations on singing brought about by maintaining old habits

Part 12 : Taking Responsibility for Your Actions
Developing and rousing an attitude that will make the difference between just a good performance and the best performance possible

Part 13 : Getting the Most From Rehearsals
12 affirmations to help you be mentally prepared for rehearsals

Part 14 : A Methodic Approach to Artistic Singing
Achieving true connection with the audience as a result of four stages of personal growth as a singer and performer

Part 15 : The Art of In-Tune Singing
How "feeling the pitch" leads to accurate singing and harmonic accuracy

Part 16 : Don’t Be a Hero
Adding to the blend of the ensemble, not subtracting from it