Contest set flawless after Greg Lyne visit

Lou Tedesco, Jun 16, 2011

You could have heard a pin drop on the stage of the Daniel Recital Hall at Cal State Long Beach on Thursday evening, May 26, as Dr. Greg Lyne, arguably the greatest barbershop coach and technician in the Society, began to critique the Masters of Harmony’s contest set. We were there to benefit from what has become a tradition prior to an International contest performance, and it didn’t take long before the “good doctor” started pointing his long and talented fingers and waving his arms.

For the benefit of the new Masters among us (would you believe 40 or more first-timers?), Greg is a demanding and unrelenting vocal coach. In the world of barbershop music, he is an unparalleled luminary. During his long and illustrious career, Greg has functioned as a noted choral director (including with the Masters of Harmony 1987-1996), arranger, composer, and vocal educator. He works tirelessly with choruses and quartets around the world. He is currently the full-time director of the San Jose-based Voices in Harmony, a top 10 chorus. A full resume of his experiences, responsibilities and achievements would cover many pages of a Wikipedia search. Needless to say, “When Greg Lyne speaks, the world of barbershop listens.”

As the long evening at Daniel Recital Hall progressed, the chorus began to recognize and respond to the subtle and not so subtle vocal choices demanded by our current and former directors.

As the contest set continued to be shaped, it was apparent that this coaching session would be special. When we finally completed the evening, we were more confident that our work would help solidify, strengthen and improve the performance of the contest package and help us achieve the scores that we are seeking in Kansas City. We also expected a sprinkling of fun and laughter through out the night, and we were not disappointed.

Only time will tell how successful we will ultimately be in Kansas City. However, whatever the contest outcome, in our hearts, we will always be grateful to those who worked so hard to prepare us to have the opportunity for greatness.

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