Masters of Harmony Update - Winter 2010

Ron Larson, Jan 28, 2011

In October, the Masters of Harmony put the finishing touches on a new recording to be released in May 2011. Entitled “The Dream is Carried On,” it will feature religious, patriotic and other inspirational songs performed by the Masters of Harmony, The Westminster Chorus and both choruses combined.

In mid-November, the Masters were invited to perform in a two-day movie shoot in Long Beach. Chorus members learned first-hand how many times the commands “action” and “cut” were necessary to produce a working scene. It is not known at this time whether this concept filming will be expanded into a full-length movie.

Also in November, the Masters of Harmony family was deeply saddened by the sudden passing of four-time MOH gold medalist Irv Levine. After becoming an emeritus member in 2003, Irv and his loving wife Lois continued their unabashed support of the Masters of Harmony. They provided many always-delicious sandwiches that nourished members on recording session and show rehearsal days. Irv’s meticulous editing skills helped all who write for the Masters look better in print. Nobody embodied the spirit of giving, sharing and caring found so widely throughout the barbershop world better than Irv. He will be missed but never forgotten by those whose lives he touched.

For years, MOH members have wanted to present their Christmas season repertoire to more than two audiences on a single day. This year they got their chance. A stunning performance in Riverside’s Fox Theater in the spring, to inaugurate their first new concert season, resulted in an invitation to return for a Christmas show. The next day, the MOH family traveled to Bakersfield to perform a Christmas special that had been added to the Bakersfield Concert Series. A record 2,500 patrons attended that show, one of the largest Masters’ audiences ever. The following Saturday, the Masters staged their regular Christmas shows, this time at Fullerton’s Plummer Auditorium.

On January 8, 2011, the Masters held their Annual Awards and Installation Banquet, once again at Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel. Far Western District President Bernard Priceman presided over the installation of officers. Barbershop legend John Miller gave the keynote address. Patrick Claypool was named Barbershopper of the Year. When MOH choreography coach Justin Miller moved to Connecticut, Patrick agreed to take on the role Justin had filled so successfully. Since taking on this additional duty, Patrick has been hitting home runs consistently! The Edge received the chapter’s Quartet of the Year award.

Since the last edition of Westunes, Matt Bohy, Michael Norcross, Satoshi Suga, Jude Thomas, Jake Tickner and Kyle Williamson were welcomed into membership.

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