Santa Fe Springs Finds Gold, Too!

May 12, 2007

Ron Van Winkle, May 16, 2007

The City of Santa Fe Springs continued their year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration with an event-filled weekend of family fun festivities. The three days of activities included a parade, carnival with games, giant midway, international food court, and a variety of live entertainment for the entire community.

The City began the year with a beautiful entry in the 2007 New Year’s Day Rose Parade, designed by one of the City’s favorite sons, the famous Raul Rodriguez. This past weekend was a prelude to the actual 50th anniversary date that is commemorated on Tuesday, May 15, with many other events planned for the balance of the year.

Thousands of hours of volunteer work, directed by a dedicated community planning committee, have resulted in a most remarkable and memorable year. Under the leadership of Mayor Joseph Serrano, Sr., Mayor Protem Ron Kernes, Council members Louie Gonzalez, Betty Putnam and Gustavo Velasco, and Recreation Services Director Mike Mendez, the City has demonstrated once again the traits that characterize it as a community which has successfully combined all the best qualities of commerce and family life, and created a wonderful place to work and live.

The world-champion Masters of Harmony has been a fixture in the City for 20 years and, in return for the many benefits we have received, we have been pleased to contribute our talents frequently to City life. The Masters of Harmony is proud to be a part of this most impressive legacy, and congratulates the City of Santa Fe Springs on their golden anniversary!

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